1947 Bentley Mk VI

Year : 1947
Make : Bentley
Model : Mk VI
Coachbuilder : Windovers
Body Type : Drophead Coupe
Colour : Brewster Green
Trim : Green Leather
Technical Data : Four speed automatic gearbox, 6 cylinder in line configuration engine, 4.25 litres displacement, 4257cc capacity. Drum brakes servo-assisted.


Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd made a complete departure from their former policy by announcing in 1946 the introduction of an entirely new Bentley that was factory built throughout. It was fitted with their design of Standard all steel bodywork, finished and furnished at Crewe where Bentley production still continues to this day. The tried and tested six cylinder 4256cc engine was retained, fitted with detachable aluminium alloy cylinder head with inserted valve seats. This was fitted to a frame chassis which was riveted with cruciform centre bracing and a box section pan to support the front suspension components. Lubrication was by a Bijur centralised system, operated by a foot pump situated just to the left of the steering column on right hand drive motor cars. It was advised that this pedal should be depressed once every one hundred miles. The manual gearbox had four forward gears with synchromesh on second, third and fourth gear. Despite the relatively high price tag when compared to other luxury cars available immediately after the war, the demand for this motor car was substantial. Sales were of such a brisk nature that customers were soon advised to be patient, with waiting lists for new Bentley Mk VIs becoming ever longer, with lead times stretching to over three years by the early 1950s. Production lasted until 1952 with more than 5,000 chassis finding their way to lucky new owners making it one of Bentleys most successful models ever. The vast majority of Bentley Mk VIs produced were fitted with the new standard steel coachwork from the factory, however in keeping with tradition special coachbuilt bodies were also available upon request. Chassis No B108AK which we are currently offering for sale was completed in August of 1947 to the order of Sir Alexander Rogers, completed with a drophead coupe body by Windovers, Body No 6645, built to Design No 101. It is understood that this particular body is one of if not the last body built by Windovers. It changed hands in 1950 when purchased by Brook Tool Ltd of Birmingham and then again in 1952 when purchased by R and W.H. Symington Ltd of Market Harborough. It was acquired in 1958 by Mr R.V. Fontes of Knutsford in Cheshire and subsequently became part of Mr Peter Channings collection, at some point in the 1980s we believe. During the early 1990s Mr Channing instructed a thorough restoration of Chassis No B108AK, the work included a new ash frame, coachwork restoration, brightwork restoration and re-plating, a new hood and interior and also extensive mechanical works. Mr Channing wanted to upgrade the car with a 4.5 Litre Bentley R Type engine, automatic transmission and the addition of power steering, all of which were carried out by a respected specialist. A donor R Type was purchased (Chassis No B236WH) and the engine, gearbox and steering column were removed, overhauled and fitted to Chassis No B108AK as per Mr Channings instructions. Following the completion of the works the car was carefully maintained and serviced to a very high standard. Frank Dale & Stepsons first handled this particular Mk VI in 2005 when we supplied it to Mr Peter Ralphs who had a small collection of desirable motor cars. We are delighted to have reacquired this beautiful motor car and are happy to offer it for sale once again. In more recent times we have raised the condition of this motor car once again, with coachwork improvements and a slight change of colour to Brewster green. A new dark green hood was fitted, along with restoration to the woodwork to show quality. The car has also been mechanically reviewed and prepared as per our normal policy. The coachwork is believed to be unique, with a disappearing hood design, concealed when lowered by an area of folding coachwork which is secured with a coach key. It is complete with an extensive history file documenting the works carried out over the past twenty years and a complete selection of original small and large tools.

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